Enhancing Australian Design Protection

Closed 13 Aug 2023

Opened 13 Jun 2023

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IP Australia is continuing to pursue a modern and accessible design rights system to drive design innovation and deliver greater benefits to the Australian economy. 

We want your views on proposals to enhance design protection in Australia.


View our fact sheets on each of the three proposals:

Line drawing of person wearing virtual reality goggles surrounded by screens. Virtual designs fact sheet: How should we protect virtual, non-physical designs (including screen displays, screen icons and graphical user interfaces (GUIs)?
Line drawing of a tea cup with distinctive handle, which is circled. Partial designs fact sheet: How should we provide design protection for parts of a product made in one piece?
Three line drawings of a camera which has changed design in each image. Incremental designs fact sheet: How should we offer more flexibility for designers to protect incremental improvements to their designs throughout the design process?

In 2020, IP Australia completed a holistic review of the design economy to better understand what drives innovation and what larger scale changes to design rights would benefit Australia.
The findings of this review showed that many people do not have access to design protection because of the nature of their design process, or the kind of products they design. IP Australia seeks to address these issues as part of this consultation.
Changes to improve flexibility in the designs system, as part of the first stage of designs reform, are now Australian law. These changes include introduction of a 12-month grace period for designers who disclosed their design before applying for design protection.


What happens next

This consultation is now closed.  

We would like to thank everyone who made a submission on Enhancing Australian Design Protection.  

IP Australia will refine the three proposals based on the feedback received and report the outcomes of this consultation to the Government. The Government will decide whether to proceed with legislation and further consultation.

More information

You can contact us at consultation@ipaustralia.gov.au for more information about this consultation.

For more information on a range of policy issues IP Australia is exploring, see the Policy Register.


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