Proposed patents objects clause and patentability exclusion

Closed 27 Sep 2013

Opened 1 Jul 2013

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In November 2011, the Government responded to three reports on gene patents and patentable subject matter: 

  • Senate Community Affairs References Committee Gene Patents Report 
  • Advisory Council on Intellectual Property report Patentable Subject Matter 
  • Australian Law Reform Commission report Genes and Ingenuity: Gene Patenting and Human Health.  

The Government accepted recommendations to amend the Patents Act 1990 to introduce: 

  •  an objects clause to assist in the interpretation of the Act, and  

  • an exclusion from patentability for inventions, the commercialisation of which would be considered wholly offensive by the Australian public. 

A consultation paper was released to encourage discussion and seek views on the proposed amendments and responses to the questions posed in the paper. 


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